Surf Tet MV

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Client: OMO Vietnam

Surf x Lêm Vỹ Dạ – Tết MV “Dọn sạch giận hờn đón Tết vui”

#omo #shortmovie

As the crucial period for big media campaigns to engage customers, Tet 2021 was when Surf released their latest MV Tet with the message “Dọn sạch giận hờn, đón Tết vui” (Wipe out the anger, usher in a happy Tet). Hunters’ mission was to create a unique, creative concept while showcasing a couple cleaning their house, using Surf’s three products. We built the image of “buffalo” for the main character, Lam Vy Da, to both symbolize the Year of Ox and generate a young, dynamic impression on the audience. Backed up dazzling sets and visual treats, the MV stood out from the crowd thanks to it light-hearted, simple approach and was widely praised.