Bobby Summer 2022

| campaign planning, microsite, social materials, tiktok engagement

Client: Bobby Vietnam

Bobby Pant Summer 2022 Campaign

Bobby, the market leader in mom & baby care, reinforced awareness of its recently launched “Lõi Nén Thần Kỳ 3mm” ( Magical 3mm Absorbent Core) feature with a campaign focusing on solutions for children’s skin rash in hot weather. Hunters created the concept of “Siêu mỏng siêu thấm, Mông thoáng đón hè” (Super thin super absorbent, Clean butt for the summer), carried out on multiple platforms: Facebook, Tiktok, microsite, and OOH channels. We created a social plan, a Tiktok Challenge to inspire moms to film funny moments with their kids, and series clip collab with KOLs to improve target user awareness. The campaign’s success was shown by how quickly sales and brand awareness of Bobby went up.