Nakydaco Dau Me

| campaign planning, creative exploration & assets development, media

Nakydaco sesame oil is well-known among restaurant chefs, but most housewives are unaware of its wonderful spice. Nakydaco challenged Creativehunts to promote this niche. Recognizing the demand to serve good dishes in the style of housewives’ restaurants, we developed a communication strategy for both offline and social media with the key tagline “Vài giọt Dầu Mè Thơm, Cơm Nhà Thêm Hảo Hạng” (A few drops of sesame oil, home-cooked rice is tastier).

The campaign began with bumpers showcasing restaurant-quality food cooked with Nakydaco sesame oil and utilizing OOH in Ho Chi Minh City. We also built a social plan and cooperated with “Yêu Bếp” and Food KOLs to directly reach out to housewives and deliver a direct perspective of the product through engaging recipes.