Lifebuoy B2S 2022

| digital video, jacket design, key visual, posm

Client: Lifebuoy Vietnam

Lifebuoy Back 2 School 2022

#clear #mv #branddance #posm

Lifebuoy, the market leader in the hygiene self-care segment, launched a campaign to encourage students to take safety measures during the back-to-school season. Inspired by superheroes, Hunters created an inspirational video that treats hand washing situations with Lifebuoy as a secret to transform into “Siêu Anh Hùng Sạch Khuẩn” (Super Hygiene Hero) to protect themselves, their friends and families. Besides, a series of KV and promotion assets were also meticulously invested in to spread out the campaign. We ended with Lifebuoy’s CSR activity to help more than 10,000 poor children continue turning back to school, once again spreading Lifebuoy’s mission to the community. Overall, Hunters was proud to dedicate our strengths to completing such a diverse project in a creative way!