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Client: OMO Vietnam

Surf x Lâm Vỹ Dạ – Tết MV “Dọn sạch giận hờn đón Tết vui”

#omo #shortmovie

In Tet 2021, OMO continued to amplify their brand message and empower it into “Lời chúc hóa hành động, lấm bẩn mang điều hay” (Wishes to actions, dirt for good). As the biggest asset of the whole campaign, the MV “Cả ngàn lời chúc” (A thousand wishes) features Suboi and Rhymastic, both new faces for the Tet occasion, and was entrusted to Hunters for the visual concept, story direction, creative treatment, and production supervision.
As a whole, the MV strikes the perfect balance of delivering brand message and harmonizing the two singers’ uniqueness. Diving deeper though, it is comprised of 3 sub-stories, each symbolizing an aspect of the traditional Tet: “Phúc” (Happiness), “Lộc” (Fortune) and “Thọ” (Longevity), and is set in two parallel worlds: Real Life and Metaphor Land. One good deed in Real Life is artistically translated into good impact in the Metaphor Land, helping the seeds of goodness grow into a forest of endless green. Approaching Tet MV from an unusual and intriguing way, the MV garnered more than 4 million views after 1 week, and stood out as a rare marketing + creative achievement.