OMO 10-Year Viral Clip

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Client: OMO Matic

OMO 10-year Viral Clip

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“No matter how things change, there are something born for each other.”
In October 2019, OMO Matic marked 10 years coming to Vietnam market – also 10 years accompanying Vietnamese washing machines and homemakers. Such deep-rooted relationship requires effort and dedication to continue growing and OMO Matic is constantly improving and applying new technologies to make house chores easier.
In this project, hunters and OMO Matic created a lovely long-form clip features Luu Huong Giang and her daughter Mina, discovering one by one the couples meant for each other in daily life. From them, emerging the indivisible bond between OMO Matic and the Washing Machine, gradually revealing the message: OMO Matic was Born in heavens for every single washing machine.