Lifebuoy 10/10

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Client: OMO Vietnam

OMO phim ngắn “Mẹ”

#omo #shortmovie

As COVID-19 was successfully controlled in Vietnam, the public began to lessen hygiene measures, including the simple, effective hand washing. That’s why Lifebuoy organized the campaign “Rửa tay chuẩn 10/10” (Hand washing 10/10), to remind the community of this important strategy against illness. Hunters were tasked with the social communication plan, and the concept “Fairy Kingdom for the New Normal” was how we started it all. We transformed the 10 occasions for hand washing in a day into 10 fairy tales, each relevantly matching daily events while hooking the audience with fantastic storytelling elements, much needed in a time of grim prospect. By combining a meaningful message and actions with an engaging concept, this campaign from Hunters hit big time once again.