StreetDance Việt Nam

| brand dance video, imc campaign, music video, posm, tiktok challenge

Client: Clear Vietnam

Clear Street Dance

#clear #mv #branddance #posm

CLEAR is the anti-dandruff shampoo market leader in Vietnam with the message “Đầu Lạnh Tim Nóng, Dám Là Chính Mình” (Cool Head, Warm Heart, Be The First You) to motivate young people to confidently face barriers. The collaboration with Street Dance Vietnam as the main sponsor is a kick-off for spreading this message and Creativehunts – the lead creative agency, proudly accompanied CLEAR to make it more efficient.

We brought POSM, MV, social plan ran throughout the program, especially MV “AM I CLEAR?!” and TikTok Challenge. After StreetDance Viet Nam finished, Creativehunts continued to support CLEAR to spread this message even more by promoting dancers at international competitions and bringing Đầu Lạnh Tim Nóng’s vibe to the world.