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Client: OMO Vietnam

OMO phim ngắn “Mẹ”

#omo #shortmovie

Bobby, as the market leader in the mom & baby care segment, continues to expand market with another new product: the breakthrough sweat-absorbent elastic cushion, the first in Vietnam. As the one in charge of the social plan for this new hero, we created the concept “Bé lẫy lật hăng say, mồ hôi lưng chẳng thấy” (The child is eagerly flipping, his back sweat is nowhere to be seen), carried out on numerous platforms: Bobby’s owned fan page, landing page, community fanpages, mom groups, KOLs sharing, and most notably TikTok. Even after 3 months, the heat from the campaign was still high across moms’ forums, a testament to Hunter’s effective ability to build up a launching strategy.