Lifebuoy Tet 2022

| digital video, gift box, key visual, packaging, social

Client: Lifebuoy Vietnam

Lifebuoy Tet 2022 Campaign

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To celebrate the first Tet under the new normal, Lifebuoy plans to spread the 2022 Tet campaign’s message: “Sạch khuẩn gieo Phúc, Hái Lộc sum vầy” – As long as you’re germ free, you’re blessed with Phúc (happiness), Lộc (fortune) and Peaceful Reunion.

Being in charge of the campaign’s most important asset – the music video-Hunters channelled the creativity in visual concept, storytelling, and treatment production to create a unique story of coming home in Tet 2022 called Tau ve nha. The video employs a non-linear spatial structure to make the picture of a train new and exciting, and it uses this approach to show three different reunion stories from three different regions of the country in only seven minutes. More specifically, the train serves as a metaphor for protection and connection, highlighting the brand’s participation in the Tet celebration. Thanks to the harmony between emotional aspects and functional benefits, the MV swiftly won over the hearts of viewers, achieving 9 million views in just five days.