Closeup 1111

| campaign, chatbot, event, gift, posm design, social

As a brand that encourages bold, fearless love, Closeup launched its Singles’ Day campaign with Hunters’ time-tested idea: Tips for True Love, executed in a variety of ways. First, on Closeup’s fanpage, the chatbot’s insightful tips reach out to users more actively thanks to our tech teams’ seamless technical solution. Then the FA Escape Gift Set brings users even closer to their crush via our own version of “Truth or Dare”, with challenges ranging from romantic to outright hilarious. Love is full of unexpected events, so we employ the element of surprise into the final step of the campaign: The Minivan Cupid delivers the Gift Set to the luckiest customer. Spread out on social with a meticulous media plan, the campaign saw a KPI achievement of 200% more than projected.