P/S Bamboo Gift

| gift box

Client: OMO Vietnam

OMO phim ngắn “Mẹ”

#omo #shortmovie

Bamboo Toothbrush, P/S’ newest variant, was launched with an exclusive, eco-themed gift box, which helps spread the spirit of a green lifestyle with the help of influencers Helly Tong, Giang Oi and more. Inspired by the bamboo, we came up with the idea “Spread Green with Every Step”, linking the plant’s habit of growing together and the green lifestyle’s need of public support to develop. With eco-friendly materials (bamboo and calameae), the gift was fashioned as a handbag, matching female influencers, and when uploaded to Helly Tong’s Instagram, garnering 7,000+ likes, significantly contributing to spreading the green lifestyle to the community, and the launching campaign’s success.